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Lorraine Coppin

Lorraine Coppin is the Chairperson of Ngaarda Media. Lorraine has been Cultural Recording, Language, and Archive Manager for Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation for 15 years. 

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Board Member

Pansy Sambo

Barngi Pansy Sambo was born out bush on a claypan on the pastoral station near Wittenoom Gorge in the Pilbara where her parents were working.  Ms Sambo is a YIndjibanrdi elder and cultural advisor to the Ngaarda Media team. 

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Board Member

Kaye Warrie

Yindjibarndi painter, Kaye Warrie is a Ngaarda Media Board member and has been painting since the early 2000s. Before the Cheeditha Art Group was established, she worked with other artists’ cooperatives, including Roebourne Art Group (RAG). With RAG, Kaye exhibited in the Cossack Art Award, Colours of our Country and Ngurra Nyingu.

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Board Member and Broadcaster

Tootsie Daniel

Yindjibarndi elder Tootsie Daniel brings laughter to the team and is a cultural advisor.  She sits on the Ngaarda Media board and is a dedicated broadcaster. 

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Ngarluma Broadcaster

Josie Samson

osie Samson is a Ngarluma woman who is active in the Roebourne community as an advocate for First Nation people.  She is a talented singer-songwriter who had produced to albums.  Josie's first love is Jesus Christ and hosts a regular gospel show on Ngaarda radio every Wednesday morning from 9am.   

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Cultural advisor

Middleton Cheedy

Boonjah(Middleton) is a quiet man, he takes his time to reply and when he does! The way he speaks can conjure beautiful scenes and instil knowledge that you simply can't turn your ears away from.

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Administration and Anthropologist

Philip Davis

Phil Davies is the Administration Manager that looks after Ngaarda Media, Juluwarlu and Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation.  He has been a loyal friend of Michael Woodley and Lorriane Coppin since they started the Juluwarlu journey many years ago. Phil became an anthropologist and archaeologist to help the Yindjibarndi people.

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Tangiora Hinaki

Tangiora is a Videographer, photographer and radio content maker / and a self-confessed karaoke queen. These day's you'll find Tangiora filming and creating radio programs as Manager of Ngaarda Media.

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Senior Yindjibarndi Broadcaster

Marion Cheedy

Marrion Cheedy has been working at Ngaarda Media longer than most.  She hosts Ngaarda Media's only national broadcast, a cultural hour dedicated to matters that impact First Nation people.    

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