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Tootsie Daniel

My name is Tootsie Daniel (nee Moses). I was given the name Biddy but my birth certificate says, Betty. All the old people call me Biddy because that is the name given to me by my parents and my gantharri (mother’s mother). My name is now Tootsie because I used to spend lots of time in a hospital at Onslow when I was a toddler. I had an ear infection. I used to follow the matron around because she was someone who I could look up to. She used to tell me stories and sing me songs. When I used to cry she used to come and put me to sleep and give me hot chocolate and biscuits. She was like a mother. I used to walk around the hospital looking for her. Because the hospital floors were made of wood she used to say “I can hear the tootsies.” But when I went back to the Onslow Native Reserve my grandfather would still call me Biddy.

Tootsie Daniel,